Board Management Software for a CFO, Controller, or CEO

Board meetings are an integral part of the organization’s management process, in which almost all departments are involved. The board management system helps executives organize meetings according to internal regulations and manage the implementation of decisions made during the meeting.

Why does the board software so important for executives?

As soon as executives like CEO and CFO are involved in the organization, management, promotion, or administration of a company or project, they have to deal with important and highly confidential documents. In addition, communication with partners and potential investors is an integral part of the process. At this stage, a boardroom may be the best option. Typically, communicating in a virtual boardroom involves managing and distributing confidential and sensitive materials, which generally are difficult for international board members.

It should also be noted that the CEOs usually work on their committees voluntarily. Since their time is often unregulated, comfort and portability are essential issues. Board members can access the virtual boardroom from anywhere in the world using any electronic device. It makes it workable for nonprofit CEOs to continuously connect across the miles and meet more frequently between board meetings. 

Board document management is a dedicated web-based space where board members can share their appointments and transmit more security than individual email account levels. The entry offers unlimited archiving in the cloud to duplicate the plan, meeting minutes, financial reports, board reports, initial guidelines, and any remaining vital records. In addition, the program offers board members the benefit of being able to comment on archives and support them with online signatures. It is a whole event management system and allows the CEO, CFO, and other executives to organize existing processes for preparing and holding events and build a new scheme from scratch.

Essential board software features for executives

So, the board management platform provides accurate, objective, and timely information combines access to project data on the fly and built-in analytics, and forms a single information environment for more precise planning, control, and successful execution of projects and further improvement of the organization’s project activities.

According to, the main advantages of using the board software for organizing meeting management are as follows:

  • Online and offline work formats that allow users to review documents, participate in discussions, and take notes;

  • Automatic generation of meeting minutes from the web interface of the application for the corporate secretary;

  • Discussion in the chat format within the framework of a specific agenda item;

  • Secure and easy access to the platform from anywhere;

  • The system of electronic voting on agenda items with the ability to leave a comment – dissenting opinion;

  • The system will do monotonous processes, such as generating protocol files, mailing letters, preparing meeting documents, etc., freeing up the employee’s time for more important things;

  • A simple search engine that allows you to find the information you need quickly.

In addition, traditionally, one-way communication is characteristic of meeting rooms, but with the introduction of new Internet-based technologies and tools, two-way communication between partners has become possible. The board software is a crucial tool with a question and answer section and other options that allow partners to share and view key materials.

The executives can also view the analysis in a board meeting room. These statistics allow you to see deficiencies in the processes quickly and, as a result, correct them before it’s too late. Besides, analysts help see a better picture and understand if the company is developing as fast as expected.