The spread of modern information technology has a significant impact on our lives. Every day we use the main resource of information in our activities – the Internet, a boundless virtual space that contains answers to all questions, as well as virtual board meetings.

Zoom as the Best Way to Avoid Challenges in the Virtual Board Meetings

The virtual board meetings come from the two words “network” and “seminar”. In other words, a webinar is a seminar that takes place on the Internet. Such online seminars are divided into actual webinars, which involve two-way interaction between students and teachers, web conferencing, and web-casting, where one-sided: one lecture, the other just listens and watches.

Quarantine in the world due to the coronavirus has forced many to start studying or working from home. In this regard, there is a special need for a program that would provide easy access to online conferencing, because modern high-speed Internet allows you to establish live communication without restrictions. However, the leader of the race for the attention of millions was not the “good old” Skype and Zoom Video Communications, or simply Zoom. This is where business and personal meetings, studies in schools, universities, webinars, etc. take place today.

As a rule, at the virtual board meeting communications are held according to the following scheme: the lecturer, being in front of the computer and using a microphone and a webcam, communicates with the audience. It can also display tables, graphs, figures, and presentations in digital format. Participants listen to the lecture, communicate with the teacher and with each other in a text chat. In addition, the lecturer answers comments and questions online. At the end of the virtual board meeting, a record of the lesson will be sent to all participants.

The Main Benefits of the Virtual Board Meetings

The main purpose of the conference is the exchange of knowledge and experience, finding solutions to current problems of education and science, as well as promising information and communication technologies to ensure scientific and educational activities. And making informed management decisions is not possible without the use of high-quality, evidence-based, and detailed databases and analytics, which allows identifying important trends in business. Today, the most leading countries are reforming their business sector in response to public demand, as modern education must ensure the high quality of human capital, which is the basis of the country’s economic development.

The main benefits of the virtual board meetings presented on include:

  • Significant savings. All you need to learn is a networked computer, a speaker, and a webcam.
  • Save time. Board meetings take place in short sessions, usually from one to four hours.
  • Interactive participation. Participants of the event can ask questions to the trainer, immediately get qualified recommendations on a specific aspect, participate in voting and polls.
  • Lack of borders and distances. You can participate in the online conference anywhere: on the computer at home or in the office, on vacation, or on a business trip.
  • Virtual meetings are an effective way to learn. You can attend various events and choose the most suitable for you. In addition, the board meetings can be recorded and studied in your spare time again.
  • If you are unable to attend the event for any reason, the companies or coaches who host the event will usually refund your money.